Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodensis)

The komodo dragon only lives in a select few islands in the world. The komodo dragon lives on the Indonesian islands including the island Komodo and Rinca. They live in dry climates filled with folliage. Young komodos are arboreal meaning that they can climb trees however as they age their weight prohibits them and they become terrestrial. They are most often found in savannas and forested areas as well as mangroves.

Komodo dragons have long claws and sharp jaws that aid them in hunting and in ripping open the bodies of their prey. Their teeth are also serrated which allows them to be more successful in their kills. Also any lost teeth are replaced so that they continue to have a ferocious bite. They do not have venom but their saliva contains a certain bacteria that ensures that their prey will die even if it has gotten away. They are also capable of extremely high speeds over short distances such as when they are in pursuit of their prey. Also komodo dragons are cold blooded and therefor regulate their body temperature by laying in the sun, this means that they require less energy than a mammal would need to regulate its own temperature. They are also able to detect oils from dead animals in the air.

In September the female will lay eggs after making a 5 foot high nest that can be as wide as 16.4 feet. The incubation lasts up to 220 days where about 18 eggs will be hatched. Komodo dragons become sexually mature at 5 to 7 years of age. After hatching they will have to learn the skills necessary for survival on their own. Because small komodo dragons can climb this gives the youngsters a bit of a chance against predators including larger komodo dragons.

Young komodo dragons will feed on anything from geckos to snakes, birds and pigs. They will also scavenge on beaches for dead fish. 50 % of a komodo dragon's diet will be deer which were introduced separately to the island. They are also capable of eating a 600 kg water buffalo. When feeding they eat their food whole. Komodo dragons are only threatened by natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. Human encroachment is also a large threat.

Body Length 2.60 - 1.50 metres
Tail Length N/A
Wingspan N/A
Life Span 30.00 years
Weight 45.00 - 90.00 kilograms