Ostrich (Struthio camelus australis)

Ostriches are found in open woodlands where there is grass for grazing. They are also found in the savanna and desert-like areas close to other grazing species such as zebras or antelopes. They are only located in Africa in the southern regions.

Ostriches have huge and powerful legs that allow them to reach speeds of 80 kph. The only predator faster than the ostrich is the cheetah, who does not even have the endurance of the ostrich. Their legs are also useful for protecting themselves from predators.

Ostriches reach sexual maturity at the age of four. They are polygamous and lay about 30 eggs. After about 42 days the 3.5 lb eggs will hatch. At times ostriches will have a communal nest with over 60 eggs found within. Once hatched the young will stay with their parent for 6 months, about the same time they reach their full size.

They feed on shrubs and grass found in the Savannah as well as fallen fruit. The also have been known to eat insects and other invertebrates which would suggest that they are omnivores. Young ostriches have the threat of predation from jackals, hyenas, lions and cheetahs. Humans have become less of a threat since ostrich farms have been started for meat and plumage, therefor resulting in less hunting of wild ostriches.

Body Length 2.40 metres
Tail Length N/A
Wingspan 2.00 metres
Life Span 8.00 - 12.00 years
Weight 63.05 - 156.49 kilograms